Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider. United Health Care Provider (in process). Clients can also pay out of pocket (payment can be deferred in up to 3 installments).

Schedule allows for evenings and weekend appointments.

Child development and family immigration issues are presented upon request for parents and teachers.

Dr. Holtzman maintains an eclectic approach to psychotherapy, with an emphasis on unconditional positive regard for the client (humanistic philosophy by Carl Rogers) and on brief individual psychotherapy, focusing on problem solving.

Trained at the Brief Family Therapy Center, Dr. Holtzman works with families, children, and teenagers focusing on problem-solving, positive psychology, and respect for family values. By values, it implies understanding the values of the particular family, of their particular ethnic background, in the context of the larger societal expectations for family members.
Examples include parent-child relationships, blending of new families, couple relationships, adoptions and fertility issues. Grief and bereavement when coping with loss.

English and Spanish are used in evaluating children using instruments in both languages to obtain valid samples of their behavior and skills. Evaluations for learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, children on the Autism spectrum, and gifted children are conducted.
Advise on application for Social Security Income (SSI) is provided, as appropriate.

Psychological Evaluations for Elders (Disabilities)
Elders or disabled residents that require assessment of their intellectual/ mental skills to waive the USA civics, history, and government examination to become USA citizens are conducted in Spanish or with an interpreter of other languages. Forms N-648 are completed.
Examples include diagnosis of Dementia, Alzheimer's, or of brain damage after stroke, heart attack, post surgery, chemotherapy, head trauma.

Child Development
Through counseling and evaluations, Dr. Holtzman assists parents, teachers, grandparents and clients in understanding age appropriate behavior and skills to set realistic expectations.

Immigration Evaluations
Family evaluations are conducted to assist the clients and immigration lawyers to present these reports to immigration courts to obtain USA residence. Family evaluations on domestic violence are conducted under the protection of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to obtain USA residence.