Born and raised in Mexico City, at age 26 she moved to Austin, Texas where she obtained a MasterĀ“s degree, and a Ph. D. from the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Educational Psychology. Later she obtained a two year Post-Doctoral specialty in Health Promotion at Houston Health Sciences Center in Houston, Texas. She taught Child Development graduate courses as associate professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, in Mexico City for two years. Moving back to Texas, she worked for a year at the School of Social Work in Applied Research. She also taught at Austin Community College and at South West Texas State University introductory Psychology courses. In 1989, she, her husband and daughter moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She worked first as a preschool psychologist at Southwest Human Development for a year and obtained a certification as School Psychologist in 1991.

Dr. Holtzman worked as a School Psychologist in public schools for 18 years full time and 5 years part time. She received a License as a Psychologist in 1993. And since 2001 she has been working mostly with families and with immigration attorneys who refer them for a family evaluation. These reports are sent to the immigration courts to assist the client in adjusting their immigration status. In addition, family, couple and individual psychotherapy is conducted in Spanish and English for the clients to be able to express themselves in their first language. In the past five years she has been evaluating older clients who are USA residents and because of disabilities are unable to pass the citizenship examination. In these cases, Medical Certification per Disability Exception (N-648) forms are taken care of. When a spouse has been subject to abuse by their partner, a family evaluation is conducted under the protection of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to assist the client and their immigration lawyer in arranging USA residence. She enjoys working with families and children in assisting them in their adaptation to a complex society and with every day stressors that affect them.